The Most Popular Classic Quartz Colours

Classic Quartz ColoursWhen it comes to choosing the colour of your quartz worktop, you have infinite choice – from brightly coloured fashion choices, to something a little more subtle, you have a large range of options to ponder over before you make your final decision. Of course, you need to get this choice right, because you are going to be stuck with the final classic quartz colour for a long time to come!

Whilst fashionable fad colours are all very well and good, and will give you an ultra-trendy kitchen, it will only do that for a short period of time, meaning after the initial gleam has worn off, you are going to be left with a classic quartz colour which you probably don’t like much anymore, and also one which probably doesn’t go with much else. For that reason alone, it is best to go with a classic shade, one which will go with pretty much any other décor you may choose.

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the most popular classic colours for your quartz worktop.


For one of the most elegant looks to your kitchen, a white quartz worktop will tick all the boxes. This will go with everything, will look classy, and will also be a clean option to go for, simply because you will need to wipe it down regularly to maintain its appearance. There are many shades of white on offer, not just simple white itself, so you can go for a slightly cream/off white appearance, or something brighter if you prefer.


A black quartz worktop is probably the most popular option to go for, and a seriously classy one at that. You can choose between a straight black worktop, or you can go for something with more of a shiny gleam running through it, even glitter if you want something seriously glitzy! Again, there are many different shades of black, from jet black, to a much smoother, almost grey shade, so it really depends on the rest of your kitchen décor.


Possibly one of the most up and coming colours to go for is grey. This is obviously somewhere between black and white, so gives an in-between feel to the centre-point of your kitchen. A light grey is a nice blend with cream or white décor in your kitchen, and is also a slightly easier to maintain colour than straight white.

Light blue/green

Aqua classic quartz colours are calming and for that reason they are ideal for a kitchen, which can get rather fraught during a cooking challenge! There are many shades of blue or green in this category, and again it really depends on what you want your kitchen appearance to be. A duck egg blue goes wonderfully well with white kitchen cabinets, or a very light green looks great with pine coloured wooden cabinets too. This is a very flexible and wide ranging option to go for.


Finally, we have classic beige or brown. Brown is available is a myriad of different shades, with the coffee colours being very popular. Latte or cappuccino is currently very on-trend, and again looks great with wood or white cabinets. This is a flexible colour too, and allows for change of decoration around it.

Stick with these particular choices and you will have a long-lasting quartz worktop to last you well into your kitchen lifespan.