5 Beautiful Grey & White Classic Quartz Slab Colours

White Classic Quartz SlabIf you are looking for the best colour for your new quartz kitchen worktop, you might be a tiny bit confused about the sheer choice you have in front of you. Do you go for black? Do you go for white? Do you go somewhere in the middle? What kind of theme are you going for in your new kitchen? Is it really your kitchen you are wanting to sort out? It could be your bathroom!

The choices and decisions go on and on. In order to make it easier for you, it’s a good idea to look at what is popular and what isn’t. There are many different companies out there creating quality quartz slabs, and one of them is Classic Quartz Stone, just to give you an example.

With current trends, we are looking towards clean lines and modernistic approaches, and for that reason two particular colours stand out above many others – white and grey. Both of these go with many other colours too, and can be used either independently, or together.

To give you an idea of five of the best shades of white and grey available in quartz slabs on the market currently, here are five beautiful choices to look into.

Iconic white – Available in the Silestone Mythology Series, iconic white is a classic white shade, with a clean finish, and compatibility with many other colours besides. You can pair it with black for a monochrome style, or you can pair it with red for something retro. Of course, if you want to stick to something more neutral, it will go with grey, brown, green, blue, basically anything. Available in a polished or suede finish, this is a great and very popular choice to go for.

Arctic – Another white option, this particular shade isn’t quite as obviously white as our first choice. There are grey veins running through the slab, which means it doesn’t show up marks quite as much as a plain slab would. This is another Silestone choice, and is in the Ocean Series of shades.

Pacific – No, this isn’t blue, it’s actually a bluey grey shade. This particular shade has more to it than most, because of the veins and lines which run through it – for that reason it goes wonderfully well with light cupboards, such as cream or white. Very cost effective and durable, because it won’t show up as much as a plain white, and therefore lasts longer.

Chrome – This is extremely modern, and therefore looks fantastic as a sleek choice in a clean-lined, modern kitchen. Think of a shiny and clean kitchen, the kind you see in ultra-hip apartments, and you won’t be too far wrong.

Stellar Grey – Obviously from the name you will grasp that this is a grey shade, but it is quite a dark option, which means it looks fantastic with light cupboards, such as white or cream. It has a very glossy finish, is a very minimalistic choice to go for in your new kitchen or bathroom.

These five choices are extremely popular, and are quite timeless, very unlikely to go out of fashion. If you want to be in style, head down to your nearest showroom and check them out for yourself – often looking on the internet alone doesn’t give you the true overview.