5 Quartz Alternatives to White Carrara Marble Slabs

white carrara marble slabsWhite marble is certainly a very popular and timeless choice, one which never seems to go out of fashion. There is certainly something very classic about this choice, and it is seen almost everywhere, from large public buildings, to stately homes. Put simply, white marble is a choice which is always going to stick around.

Of course, everything has its downsides, and white carrara marble is a tricky choice too. White is a difficult to keep clean colour, but marble overall can be a little more difficult than other choices, such as quartz, for example.

Marble needs a little more care and attention, and whilst it isn’t a fragile stone by any means, it is one which does need you to look after it like a child. Marble is porous, it requires maintenance, and it isn’t as stain resistant as granite or quartz. We don’t want to paint a negative picture, because marble is still very strong, but it simply isn’t as durable as quartz.

So, if you are looking to change your current white carrara marble colour scheme, or you simply haven’t a clue where to begin in terms of what to choose for your new kitchen countertop, here are a few colour alternatives in the quartz material vein.

Cream quartz

Cream is a good alternative to white because it isn’t as harshly bright as white, and therefore can be a little easier to clean and look after. Of course, we know that quartz overall is easy to maintain, because once it is professionally installed, it doesn’t need anything else doing to it, other than regular cleaning, which you would do anyway. Cream goes with most other colours, and that gives you a longer life for your surface.

Grey quartz

If you don’t want to go down the white or cream line, then grey is a good one to go for too. You can go for a very light shade of grey if you don’t want to go too dark, and if you have a small kitchen, this is a good way to add the illusion of space. Most grey quartz slabs also have attractive and individual veins or lines running through them in a sporadic pattern, which adds to the attractiveness.

Black quartz

Monochrome is a fantastic theme for your kitchen, and if you go for a strong black quartz slab on your work surface, you can go for light white or cream cabinets and décor. If you want to change your theme later on, black also goes with most other colours too. Put simply, black quartz is as timeless as white marble, but easier to look after by a long way.

Blue/green quartz

A light green or blue quartz stone slab looks simply divine with white or cream cabinets, and can either be used to create a modern, simplistic theme, or a country cottage/farmhouse type of kitchen them, depending on the rest of your décor. Again, light schemes create the illusion of space.

Brown quartz

Finally we have the coffee range, the cappuccino, latte, and espressos of the world! This is an extremely fashionable and popular route to go down, and one which again looks fantastic with white or cream as the rest of your décor. Go for light (latte), or dark (espresso), with cappuccino sitting somewhere in the middle!