Quartz Slabs Wholesale Essex – Price & Details!

Quartz Slabs Wholesale Essex

Looking for high quality Quartz slabs in Essex or surrounding area? We offer you quarts slabs in Essex wholesale, bathroom slabs, sinks & taps, window sills and more at the best prices.

Quartz is engineered in a factory and it’s made from ground quartz that makes around 94% of the finished product. The 6% is made up of polyester resins and dyes that are used to bind the quartz and give it a colour. In some slabs patterns, small amounts of metallic flecks or recycled glass are added to the resin mix to improve the appearance.

Advantages of Quartz Slabs in Essex Wholesale

  • Quartz is made from one of the hardest natural materials on earth. Being a hard material means that it can take the pressure of a modern day worktop.
  • Quartz slabs are known to be durable, with a lifespan of several decades. This is attributed to the fact that it is hard and can handle heat and hits quite well.
  • Quartz slabs are non-porous and thus they don’t allow for spilled liquid to soak into the stone inner surface.
  • Quartz is ideal for the home since they come in different colours and patterns. It is the only material that you will find in almost all colours, the earthly black, browns and creams to the lively fire engine red to apple green. The patterns also vary with different sparkles, specks and veins to give them a marble/granite look.

Quartz is highly recommended that you use table mats when placing extremely hot objects.

Wholesale Price For Quartz Slabs In Essex

Although quartz has been historically more expensive than granite, the improving technology has lowered the engineering cost and this has trickled down to the end user.

The wholesale price depends by the complexity of the project, colour and other few aspects. For an accurate quote please fill our online quick quote form to get a wholesale price for quartz slabs or feel free to call us anytime for free advice and an accurate quote.

Quartz is a great choice for your new slab. It has all the desirable characteristics and it has proven to be very cost effective. Once installed, there is no more work that is needed to be done on the slab.

If you need any further information regarding wholesale quartz slabs in Essex area please contact us.