8 Beautiful Quartz Stone Colours Available Bookmatched


Bookmatching is an excellent way to make your kitchen or bathroom stands out from the rest. It will result in an excellent design that will make everyone speechless.
Thinking about bookmatching for your kitchen countertops, island, backsplashes, but you are uncertain about the colour? We have decided to make it easier on you and introduce you to the 8 beautiful quartz colours that are available bookmatched.

Alaska Bianca
Alaska Bianca is a white with very subtle and thin veining. Because it is very elegant and fine, it can be used as the only material for the whole kitchen, without it looking like too much. It’s a classic that will look good with all sorts of combinations.

This style has bold blue veining that draws a unique picture on a white surface. Using it on the kitchen island will give it an accent no other can.

Calacatta Gris
This is a white with a grey undertone and irregular grey veining that can vary in its length and thickness. Pair it with light-toned cabinets for elegant and harmonic effect.

Calacatta Lusso
This style is somewhat similar to Calacatta Gris, but it has a white surface with a hint of blue undertone. It also has grey veining that varies in length and thickness.

Calacatta Santa
Calacatta Santa is perfect for ones that like the idea of veining, but don’t want it to be too bold. The veining in it is so fine; it will never look like too much, even if it’s used as the only style.

Calacatta Venatina
Calacatta Vanetina has a white surface with a grey undertone. The veining in this is different from the others by the thickness of it, having the thickest veining out of all mentioned. However, the colour intensity is not as strong, as it is a subtle grey that blends perfectly into the background.

Statuario Venato
This style has also white surface with a cool undertone and blue-grey veining. The veining in it is moderate, it is not too bold, but not as distinct either. It is a classic that is easy to combine with almost any colour of cabinets.

Statuario Blanco
This style has veining that forms irregular shapes and draws a unique picture on white background. The veining is grey coloured. It will give excellent results when it’s used as an accent, for example for the backsplashes.

Bookmatching quartz stone is an excellent choice for unique and modern kitchens. It will give your home additional quality and make it feel luxurious. Additionally, quartz has proven to be excellent material for various purposes, such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, vanity units… It is very long lasting, and you will not have to replace it for at least 2 decades. However, you should note that it is restricted to indoor use only.

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