Best Quartz Cleaning And Polishing Products


Quartz countertops and shower tiles are at least 90 percent quartz, making them mostly natural stone and act much like granite, or any other natural stones. Because of this many of the same items which can be used to clean and repair granite or even marble can be used to clean quartz – with just a few minor differences.

Quartz countertops can easily be damaged or discolored by certain household chemicals and sometimes cleaners, so it is important to choose your cleaning products wisely. The company “Countertop Specialty” makes a complete line of products which have been proven effective for cleaning and repairing quartz countertops and tile.

The biggest risk for quartz are common household cleaners (including brand name). It’s better to clean quartz with either a damp rag or a known product which cleans granite or quartz. Because although it is not quite as sensitive as most stones to etching, you just do not know which one will be the culprit.

Regular Cleaning Of Quartz Countertops And Tile

It is recommend that the product from “Countertop Specialty – Granite & Marble Spray Cleaner” be used. There is little difference in using this product on granite and marble than on quartz. And the general care instructions for quartz varies little from marble and granite with this product.

Another product which helps keep the shine on quartz countertops and tiles is another product from “Countertop Specialty – Topical Granite Polish”.

Quartz Repair

There is a big difference between natural stones like granite, marble and quartz when it comes to repair. Most natural stones like granite and marble can be repaired or restored when damaged by etchings or staining. But when a quartz countertop or tile is damaged it is usually permanent.

Any chemical damage will result in lighter-colored areas on the countertop or tile which causes it to look bleached out. Even UV rays from sunlight can affect a quartz kitchen countertop. What is affected are the coloring dyes within the resins of the quartz tiles and it is usually permanent.

Any spots you may have on your quartz shower tiles are a chemical discoloration and not etching in a traditional sense. In this case, for regular shower tile cleaning, the product from “Countertop Specialty – Soap Film/Hard Water Remover” is suggested. And their product “Mold & Mildew Stain Remover” have also been proven safe to use on quartz shower tiles.

If you have a lot of discoloration and spots on your quartz countertops and tiles, you may want to consider calling the quartz manufacturer with the exact chemical and/or product which damaged the quartz. They may have a suggestion for you, but they will most likely tell you it is permanent and the chemical and/or product should not be used.

Always remember that when cleaning and polishing your quartz countertops and tile that you should use a product which is formulated specifically for quartz. You don’t have to use the one we mentioned in this article, but do your research. Your countertops and tile will last longer and you will be happier for it.