Top Five Classic Quartz Stone Colours

kitchen-600x400What is Classic Quartz?

Classic quartz is an extremely durable material used for countertops, floors, and bathrooms. It has superior strength and quality compared to granite, marble, or limestone but is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Classic quartz is quickly gaining popularity among new homeowners who get to choose what they want in their kitchen, as well as homeowners looking to renovate their homes. These countertops can give the home increased resale value, but are also great because they need little to no maintenance.

The first item to choose when getting a Classic quartz countertop is the colour. There are many choices of Classic Quartz Stone colours these days and this article will focus on the top five colour styles that are available.


The first style is brillo. Brillo consists of many different colours but has a unique property to it. There are tiny white flakes in the quartz that are visible to the naked eye, giving it a textured look. Some of the colours include:

  • Branco (an off-white);
  • Cafe;
  • Cocoa;
  • Ivory;
  • Noir;
  • Rouge;


The classic look is exactly what it sounds like. The colours are very straightforward and pure in consistency. They are quite striking as opposed to some of the other colours and are very popular in newer homes. Some of these colours include:

  • Bianco;
  • Gris;
  • Ivory;
  • Noir;


Mabre is an interesting and unique colour style. It has the appearance of a light swirling of white in another colour. It has a very soft, smooth look and feel to it. These colours in mabre include:

  • Carrara (a light grey);
  • Gris;
  • Latte;
  • Noir;
  • Blanc;


Platino is similar to brillo in that it has the same white specs, only they are much larger and noticeable. There is also large pieces of black and grey as well, giving platino a style of its own. Some of the popular colours include:

  • Branco;
  • Gris Noir (a black and grey combination);
  • Gris;
  • Picolo Nero (brownish/black);


Most people opt for a variation of grey for their quartz stone colour. It is very classic, tasteful, elegant, and goes with most other colours in the home. It is the definition of a classic neutral colour and is the most popular colour today. However, there is not just one colour of grey. There are many different varieties, shades, and additives that people have to choose from. Some of these Classic Quartz Stone colours have interesting names such as:

  • Ibiza;
  • Milano;
  • Palazzo;
  • San Vincente;
  • Santorini;
  • Sergenti;
  • Verona;

As you can see most of these have Italian names because of the country’s long history with using quartz.

These are the most popular Classic Quartz Stone colour schemes that are available, with different patterns and styles for each. There are many to choose from so you can select the absolute best style and colour for your home!