Quartz Slabs Wholesale Surrey – Price & Details!

Quartz Slabs Wholesale Surrey

A strong stone slab with stability, sophistication and value for money has been proven to be the best kitchen material for the modern slab. Of all the stone slab materials that exist, very few come close to realizing the above mentioned qualities better than quartz.

Quartz is an engineered stone that is done through a manufacturing process. The raw material of quartz is grounded quartz (which is mined) and resins (which are artificially produced). This all depends on the required quality, colour and pattern.

Quartz has become a darling to many people who want a new slab. This trend is not common in Surrey only. It is an emerging trend in the UK and the world at large.

Quartz Slabs In Surrey Details

  • We have a great heat handling capacity making them ideal to be used in a high performance kitchen. With our quartz slab, you can be confident that your hot pot will not ruin your surface.
  • Quartz slabs are incredibly easy to maintain when are properly installed. The only maintenance you will ever worry about is cleaning the slab. Cleaning our quartz slab in Surrey will require warm water and normal household detergents.
  • We offer numerous choices for colours. Quartz is available in any colour you can imagine. You will not have to worry about the colour of your cabinets and walls because they will be a quartz slab to match it.

At Classic Quartz Stone we have partnered with the world’s best engineers to bring you the strongest quartz slabs in Surrey. The raw materials used in our products are carefully chosen to ensure integrity and sturdiness.

Quartz Slabs – Wholesale Price

There are several factors that come into play when determining the pricing of our Quartz slabs in Surrey. In general the big factors are:

  • Quartz slab design. Fabrications such as drainer grooves, cut outs and edge polishing among other installation factors change according to the complexity of the slab design.
  • Custom colour. Quartz kitchen slabs come in almost all colours and unlimited design patterns. Depending on what it takes to customize the quartz slab, the pricing of the slab will be higher than the standard prize.

It is disappointing to customers that there is no legislation that aims to control the pricing of quartz slabs in Surrey. The pricing is left to the market forces of demand and supply.

We at Classic Quartz Stone make our wholesale services as cheap and affordable as possible. Through our pricing policy, you will find that we are at least 10% cheaper than other market players making our prices the cheapest quartz prices in the stone industry.