Five Tips For Cleaning Classic Quartz Worktops

Cleaning Classic Quartz WorktopsWhen you have a classic quartz worktop in your midst, you have a very hard-wearing piece of equipment, which is going to last you for a good few years to come. With that in mind, quartz is a very cost effective go-to for your kitchen, and one which comes in a huge variety of different colours and patterns too. Provided you pick a colour which is compatible with most other décor types, you will be able to decorate around your worktop, without having to replace it too early.

Of course, every piece of equipment needs maintenance, and a quartz worktop is no different. This is a hard-wearing and durable piece of stone, and it is quite difficult to break or stain it, but that doesn’t mean you can get away without looking after it routinely. Quartz is a naturally glossy stone, but if you don’t clean it properly, over time it can begin to lose its shine somewhat.

If you have no idea where to start with cleaning your classic quartz worktop, here are five suggestions.

  1. Routinely clean your worktop using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive, mild cleaning solution. Avoid anything containing bleach, as this is going to slowly damage the stone over time, and always use a soft cloth, as this will buff the surface and maintain its shine, without allowing that dullness to come into play. If you can clean your worktop regularly, i.e. once a day after cooking, then you will see that its lifespan is much greater.
  1. Clean up any spillages quickly. Yes, quartz is relatively stain resistant, but it’s not perfect! If you go for a cheaper quartz worktop then its level of stain resistance is going to be lower than a more expensive version, and you may find that certain liquids, such as red wine or vinegar, could begin to slowly mark the worktop. If you can wipe up any spillages as and when they occur, you will reduce the small risk.
  1. Avoid any strong cleaning materials. We touched on this previously, but it’s certainly worth going into in a little more detail. Avoid oven clean, anything containing bleach, and anything acidic. Over time this will degrade the quality of your worktop, and will leave it looking dull and not as strong overall.
  1. Remove grease very carefully. Never use a knife to scratch away grease stains on your worktop, instead use a plastic knife used for putty, or a degreasing cleaning agent to help remove it in a more gentle and effective way.
  1. Remove any potential staining problems with a surface cleaner and sponge. You can easily use sponges which are designed for non-stick pans and a glass/non abrasive surface cleaning agent on your classic quartz worktop without problems. If there is a big potential staining problem then spray the cleaner onto the area and leave it for ten minutes before wiping clean. Always remember to use non-scratch sponges at all times on your quartz worktop.

If you follow these five tips then you will find that your classic quartz worktop stays shiny and glossy for much longer, and will therefore stay in top condition throughout its lifespan. Quartz is a very hard wearing and durable material to choose, and provided you care for it properly, it will serve you well in return.