Top Colours of Quartz Marble Effect Slabs

Quartz Marble Effect SlabsWhen you decide to renovate your kitchen and change your worktop, only a small amount of research will show you the huge amount of decisions you will need to make. In order to get this right, you need to put in the time and work, otherwise you run the risk of making a costly mistake, which is going to take time and more money to rectify.

One of the biggest decisions is which colour scheme you’re going to go for. If you’ve decided on quartz, you’ve made a great choice, because this is one of the most durable, low maintenance, and easiest to clean materials out there. Of course, you might have had your head swayed a little by the opulence and classic appearance of marble, but you decided that it wasn’t low maintenance enough for your needs. If you’re still caught between the two, how about opting for quartz and all its advantages, but with a marble effect to give you a slice of middle ground?

This is entirely possible, and it comes with a range of different colour options too.

Remember to head to a showroom to really see the colour you’re considering, to check how it reacts to different types of light. Some colours will change in natural light versus artificial light, so it’s important to check this out in person, rather than relying on an online catalogue picture.

Here are a few of the top quartz marble effect slabs you might like to incorporate into your kitchen décor.

White – White marble is one of the most iconic shades available, and it is one which screams opulence, timelessness, and classical appearance. You can easily get the top advantages of quart, but throw in the beauty of white marble too, and this is a shade which is certainly one of the most popular to go for.

Cream – For those who are a little worried about the all-white brightness, cream is a great source of middle ground. You can go for veins which run through the slab, a la marble, and when combined with the creaminess of cream it looks great overall!

Beige – Again this is a great source of middle of the road brightness, and one which will pretty much go with anything. You’ll probably notice that we’re sticking to neutral shades here and that’s because marble in particular looks fantastic in these types of colour schemes, with the added strength of quartz.

Black – Classic monochrome will never go out of fashion, and this is a look that quartz marble effect slabs can help you achieve. Pair the black worktop with a beautiful white or cream cabinet and you’ll have that luxurious and ultra-fashionable décor before you know it. Obviously, black is never just black, just as white is never just white, and there are countless shades to choose from – this means you can easily find something to suit your needs.

These are four of the most popular colours of quartz marble effect slabs to go for, and by choosing this particular type of material you are combining effectiveness, durability, and performance with attractiveness and something which is more than pleasing to the eye. Remember to check out the colours you’re looking at in person, and shop around for the best deals.