Top 10 Advantages of Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz StoneIf you are considering going for a classic quartz stone countertop when you next renovate your kitchen, you are going for a very high quality option. Of course, you have other choices available to you, such as marble or granite, but quartz has time and time again proven to be one of the best countertop materials to go for in your kitchen, or indeed your bathroom.

If you need a little nudge in the right direction, here are ten advantages of choosing classic quartz stone countertops.

Hard-wearing and very durable

The major advantage of classic quartz stone is that it is going to last you for a very long time to come, and will stand up to most challenges you throw at it. This means you aren’t going to need to invest in your kitchen again in a short period of time, and that in itself saves cash. Quartz is therefore a cost effective choice, and a very hard stone to go for.

Quartz is stain-resistant

Obviously the degree to which quartz is stain resistant really depends on the make and model you go for, and the higher quality, the more stain resistant it will be. Wine and vinegar have long been problems for worktop staining, but if you opt for quartz, you don’t have this issue.

Non-porous so it doesn’t harbour bacteria

Harmful bacteria can hide dormant in your kitchen countertop, ready to strike and make your family ill. When you choose quartz, you don’t have this problem because the non-porous feature means that bacteria is not kept at home, and is therefore a more hygienic choice.

Available in a range of colours and patterns

Quartz is available in countless colours, so you can easily choose one which suits your particular décor, or choose a colour which will fit around any changes in your décor to come. If you go for a more neutral colour, such as black, white, grey, or beige, then this will serve you very well for a long time to come, and will survive décor changes easily.

Naturally glossy

Obviously you will need to clean your countertops regularly to avoid them becoming dull, but provided you maintain your quartz properly, it will maintain that glossy sheen easily. Quartz is a naturally glossy stone, and the high quartz percentage means it keeps that feature.

Doesn’t burn

Again, this is down to quartz being non-porous and therefore it holds up to high temperatures very easily. You can put hot pans down on your work surface without worries about staining and marking, and this is another feature which will give your work surface a much longer life.

Easy to look after

You don’t need to do endless amounts of maintenance on your quartz stone worktop, you simply need to keep it regularly clean and avoid using harsh chemicals and abrasive scouring pads. You wouldn’t take a knife to any other work surface, so simply apply the same knowledge to your new quartz countertop.

Doesn’t need regular sealing after installation

Granite and marble needs regular sealing after installation, but quartz does not. This is a major advantage because it cuts down on the maintenance and means your work surface is going to last much longer as a result. Not having to remember to do such things means you’re not likely to forget and potentially break your work surface before it is ready to be replaced.

Every slab is different so nobody will have exactly the same one as you

Quartz is a natural stone, and therefore one slab is never going to be the same as another. There are going to be individual lines which run through each slab, ones which aren’t present in the neighbouring slab, and therefore you are going to have different designs every time.

Comes from different big named brands so you get warranty and peace of mind

You can purchase your quartz from a big named brand and that means you get warranty in case of something going wrong. Obviously we hope that never happens, but the peace of mind is there.