Platinum Stain Out


Professional water based humidity stain remover.




  • For interior or exterior floor and façade works.
  • Suitable for application on all polished, honed and textured surfaces for all natural stones.
  • Removal of yellowish and brown stains caused by humidity moisture damage & green / blue blooms.
  • Professional use only. Approved factory trained


PLATINUM STAIN OUT – Unique product specially developed using a range of organic water based oxygenated agents in liquid format for easy application. Product removes the most difficult yellowish and brown stains that appear due to humidity and moisture content in stone caused over a period of time. This is more commonly seen in white marbles as yellowish brown stains and in darker stones like granite as dark patches that cannot be removed with normal detergents or general stain removers.

Important Safety Note: Use appropriate protective clothing and gloves when using this product as per training course. Keep product well closed and out of reach of children. Ensure correct protection to surrounding areas before application of product. Additional information available on Material Safety Data Sheet.

STORE Dry surroundings above + 0ºC


Product available only to approved factory trained applicators.

IMPORTANT It is most important that surface is clean and dry from any original polishes or treatments before applying product to ensure correct results. For removing wax polishes we recommend “STRIPPER”. and for removing treatments “SOLVENT STRIPPER”.

If not sure please consult your supplier or distributor for further advise. ALWAYS Test small area: – Determine your desired result by testing a discreet area. Always sweep clean, wipe or vacuum surface to remove general soil and carry out correct protection to surrounding areas before application of product.

  • Apply product evenly to clean and dry surface where stains require removing and cover over with thin plastic film to ensure product stays damp moist on surface of stone.
  • Product should be left to work for approximately 12 – 24 hours. In certain conditions a second application may be required due the age of the stain in the stone.
  • Once clean important to remove Stain Out residue using paper cloths to soak up liquid and dispose into plastic bag or container and proceed to rinse surface thoroughly using “Master Clean” detergent diluted 1 :20 ( 50ml to 1 litre water).

Professional use only – Download application guide from HERE

COVERAGE: Dilution Rates: Product ready to use. No dilution is required Coverage per Mix.


*Coverage: The information is purely a guide line only and may differ according to the porosity and surface finish of the stone and site conditions.

RECOMMENDATION: To prevent future problems we recommend to apply Platinum Solvent anti stain / humidity impregnating treatment.

Maintenance: Daily clean using “Stone Clean” – Periodic clean using “Master Clean”

Packaging: 6 x 1 LT All childproof tamper evident cap


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