Pros and Cons of Cream Classic Quartz Stone

Cream Classic Quartz StoneIf you are thinking about choosing cream classic quartz stone for your countertop or perhaps even for your new floor tiles, then you are making a very hard-wearing, durable, and pretty choice – the appearance is certainly attractive and you can mix and match with many other colours.

Obviously, cream is a very light colour, and you might be concerned about the cleaning problems which this causes, but as long as you clean up issues when they arise, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the fantastic advantages to this very durable stone.

Pros of Cream Classic Quartz Stone


The appearance & flexibility – Creamy, lush, decadent, what more could you want? Cream quartz is very attractive, and it is certainly a choice that will tick every box. Cream is also a very flexible colour, because you can match it with many other different shades or colours, to create the décor you want. Now, if you choose to redecorate, there isn’t going to be many colours that cream doesn’t match well with, and that means you can cut down on redecorating costs.

Quartz overall is low maintenance, even if it is cream – Quartz has some fantastic advantages, namely that it is non-porous, therefore it doesn’t absorb liquid or germs, it is scratch resistant to a high degree, and it is also stain proof to a high degree. This means that you are getting a lot of durability for your cash, even if you are scared of light colours!

It is easy to clean – Obviously a lighter colour is going to show up dirt, if you mop up any spillages as soon as they happen, there should be no issues. We mentioned that quartz is also stain resistant and that gives you peace of mind when choosing a light colour too, because you aren’t going to have any nasty stains, e.g. red wine or lemon, provided you clean them up straightaway.

Cons of Cream Classic Quartz Stone


Okay, it is stain-resistant, but there is still a chance – If you do manage to stain cream quartz then it is going to show up rather nastily, to say the least. For example, red wine on cream quartz is not going to look great!

Do you go for cream or do you go for white? – This is a choice you need to make, but some people think that cream is a little off-shade. This is a personal decision, but cream doesn’t go with as much as white does, so you need to think about your options carefully before you jump in with a purchase.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons of cream quartz, and that should give you an idea of how flexible this stone is. You can easily decorate around cream quartz, because it is a very flexible option to go for, and that means that you can save cash by redecorate around the shade, as it goes with so many other colour options. Black and cream look fantastic as a slightly different monochrome option, or you could pair it with perhaps coffee colours, to give a soft and luxurious colour scheme.

The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t avoid cream simply because it is light and you are concerned about marking it – quartz does not mark easily, it does not stain easily, and it does not damage easily either.