Top 5 Quartz Marble Range Colours

silestoneOne of the biggest advantages of quartz over every other type of kitchen countertop material is that it is extremely hard-wearing, yet still very attractive to the eye and the overall appearance of your space. Many people choose quartz over other slightly more delicate materials because it is much longer lasting and easier to look after too, creating the ideal blend for a room which does take a lot of wear and tear.

There are many companies on the market who offer a range of different colours of quartz work surfaces, but Silestone is certainly one of the most popular. If you are looking for a little inspiration on what colour to go for, one which will compliment your existing or planned kitchen décor, check out these five best sellers on the market at the moment.

Stellar snow

White is a common colour to go for, but one which certainly need regular cleaning to keep it looking its best. If you have no problem with this, you are rewarded with a fresh and clean appearance to your kitchen, one which will be classy and glossy for a long time to come. This particular shade of white has reflective crystals which glance off the light, giving a glassy appearance to the work surface. If the room is lit correctly, i.e. uplights or spotlights, you will see a truly sophisticated look to your room.

White storm

Another shade of white, although this time a little more akin to the classic and timeless appearance of regular marble, white storm is a good middle ground for those who want the look of marble, but who also want something which is going to last a little longer too, thanks to quartz’s durability. You can combine this particular shade with any other colour, including green, blue, black, or anything in-between.

Black canyon

Another timeless colour to go for is of course black, and this particular shade is ideal if you don’t want to go all out for jet black. Black canyon is a blend of brown, grey, and black, and that compliments many other colour schemes in your kitchen, blending with pretty much anything. Black is also much lower maintenance than white, or other lighter colours.

Sienna ridge

Brown is a very popular colour to go with, but this particular shade combines grey into the mix, so it has a slightly different appearance, and one which is very versatile. The earthy feel is ideal for kitchens with wood or white cabinets, and again, it goes with many other colours too, so you won’t have to replace your work surface when you choose to redecorate.


Our final choice is a beautiful blend of greys with a hint of tan, giving it another earthy, woody feel. Another very versatile choice, and one which will go with most other colours in your space, this has a shiny feel to it, which looks luxurious, but has a much harder wearing side to it too.

These five colours are making waves on the market these days, so if you want to be bang on trend, give these shades a try, and look forward to a very long lasting colour palette for your kitchen. Quartz is perfect for saving cash in the long run, especially when compared to granite or marble.