The Pros and Cons of White Quartz Slabs

Sparkling-White-Quartz-AWhen it comes to decorating your kitchen or your bathroom, there are endless options in terms of work spaces and countertops. The range really is quite mind-blowing, and you will have a few decisions to make before deciding on your final choice. Now, one decision you have to make, regardless of what type of surface you go for, is colour.

Dare you go all white?

White quartz is one of those colours that you either love or hate; it has a habit of getting dirty rather quickly, showing up stains or marks, but at the same time, looks shiny, minimalistic, modern, and basically rather impressive.

It’s a quandary, but one you need to think about carefully before deciding which direction to go in.

Is anything the colour white low maintenance? Well, not really, but if you are careful when you’re cooking or doing whatever you’re doing in the bathroom, then you can cut down on the risk of causing a rather annoying mess, which will need instantly cleaning up. It’s really down to how much cleaning and maintenance you’re willing to do, because quartz in general is quite low maintenance, but the colour we’re looking at here will show up even a tiny fleck of pepper, meaning you will need a cleaning cloth at the ready, regardless of what you are doing!

Let’s look at the pros and cons of going for white quartz slabs in your home, and let you make your own personal decision at the end of it.

Pros of White Quartz Slabs

  • For a shiny, modern look, you can’t beat the general colour of white;
  • Quartz is more resistant to stains overall, so they won’t show up as much with your white choice;
  • It will always look cleaner than any other colour, provided you put in the elbow grease and up-keep;
  • White goes with most other colours, so can be paired with most other variations in terms of cupboards and units;
  • White also goes together wonderfully well with black for a monochrome design, or pine wood for a country cottage kind of vibe;
  • Quartz is porous, therefore is cleaner in terms of not harbouring dirt and bacteria as much as other surface types.

Cons of White Quartz Slabs


  • Will need more cleaning after any type of work done in that room, purely because white shows everything, and we mean everything;
  • Quartz does not look as natural as other surfaces out there, such as marble, granite, wood, or slate, for example;
  • Heat damage is quite possible, both in the kitchen or bathroom. Whilst quartz doesn’t stain as badly from other things, such as tomato based sauces etc, it will mark if you damage it with a pair of hair straighteners in the bathroom, or a hot pan in the kitchen, and it will literally be near on impossible to rectify it cheaply.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons when it comes to whether you should choose white quartz slabs for your kitchen, or indeed your bathroom. It’s a personal choice of course, but if you are willing to put in the extra work in terms of keeping your surface clean and shiny, it will give you a luxurious look to your room, and a very modern and minimalistic one at that.