Quartz Stone vs Natural Stone – 10 Things Your Should Know


Renovating kitchen or bathroom can be very interesting, but intimidating at the same time. There are various materials to choose from, one can get lost. It is important to choose the material according to your preferences and manners of use. All three stones: quartz, granite and marble, have proven to have excellent characteristics that are of value in the home.

1. Quartz has the widest colour range

Quartz is a manufactured stone, which allows it to have colours that can’t be found in nature. You can easily find a colour that will match your home style in quartz’s range.

2. Natural stones are more unique
On the other hand, natural stones are always unique and no two slabs are ever the same.

3. Quartz is non-porous

Quartz can’t absorb water and liquids because of its non-porous nature. Granite and marble are porous materials and will need a sealant.

4. Quartz is easiest to maintain

The cleaning of both quartz and natural stones is easily handled with just soap and water. However, quartz doesn’t need sealing, unlike granite and marble.

5. Granite absorbs heat the best

You can easily put away a hot pan or pot directly on granite countertop without the worry of damaging it. Using mats and trivets is not necessary with it, but with quartz and marble, it is.

6. Granite and marble can be used outdoors

Quartz stone is the only material out of three that can’t be used outdoors because it is UV unstable.

7. All three are very durable

When it comes to durability of the stones, all three are very durable. They can handle high impact without the worry of damaging it. However, marble is softer than quartz and granite and can be scratched easier.

8. They are very long lasting

Stones can last easily a significant amount of time and their beauty won’t fade over time. You can get your stone slabs installed and forget about replacement- they are a smart investment that will last for a lifetime.

9. All three can be used for various purposes

Stone slabs can be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding, floors, backsplashes and many more…Really, the only limitation is your imagination.

10. Beauty

Tastes differ, but many think that stones are the most beautiful materials for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Stones can bring luxury and elegance to your home, no other material can.

In the end, it all comes to your preferences because all three materials have excellent characteristics. If you want a material that you can get installed and forget about it, then choose quartz. If you have a busy kitchen and don’t want to think about damaging your countertops with a hot object, choose granite. If you don’t have such a request, but instead want a material that will bring immense beauty to your kitchen, choose marble.

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