Tips for Cleaning Black Quartz Tiles and Grout

savanaBlack quartz is a beautiful addition to any home and will add resale value if and when you decide to sell. Quartz is a very hard and durable stone that has little or no porousness and channels for liquids to enter. This means your black quartz tiles will last for a very long time!

However, the tiles must also be accompanied by grout in order to hold them all beautifully together. The grout will eventually become stained or dirty over time, as well as the tiles themselves.

This article will focus on some of the best tips to get your black quartz tiles and the surrounding grout back to their original shine!

Regular Household Cleaners for the Kitchen Tiles

Black quartz tiles are very resilient and will not be damaged easily. They will however, get dirty from time to time. Kitchen tiles can become dirty very easily for the obvious reasons. Many types of sauces, juices, wines, beverages, and foods can cause a mess in your kitchen.

Fortunately, the black quartz tiles are very dense and non porous. This means that when something is spilled on them, it can easily be wiped up with mild, regular household cleaners. Using anything stronger, such as bleach, ammonia, or other strong and hazardous cleaners, could possibly be damaging to the tile and the grout.

Types of Cleaning Devices to Avoid

Try to avoid heavy scouring pads when cleaning your black quartz tiles and grout. Other types of cleaning devices to avoid are steel wool, sandpaper, and other abrasive products. These will most likely be too harsh for the tile and grout and could cause permanent damage.

The more you use these harsh items, the faster the black quartz tile and grout will begin to degrade. This will also mean that tile and grout will lose their hardness and bacteria resistivity faster over time.

Grout Cleaning and Maintenance

Grout is designed to hold your tiles together and, depending on the quality of the grout you use, last for a long time. Grout should get yearly maintenance to make sure you have no leaks that could cause a buildup of bacteria. However, grout can get dirty just like anything else and requires a bit more than yearly attention to keep it clean.

A daily rinse with a normal household cleaner to wash away the bacteria buildup will go a long way to keeping your grout (and tiles) looking their best.

Once in awhile the grout will build up to a point where a regular cleaner won’t get your grout back to its original colour. No problem! When this happens there are a wide variety of professional strength Tile and Grout Cleaners that will remove things like soap scum, oils, waxes, mildew, algae, and other discarded chemicals.

Grout Stain

Once the grout loses its colour there are still options to restore the original colour. The best option for this is to apply a grout stain. Grout stains are specially designed to penetrate the grout and restore it to a permanent original colour, or another colour if you wish!

These are a few easy tips to clean your black quartz tiles and the grout that keeps them in place. Not only will these tips keep them clean on a daily basis, they will keep them looking great for many years to come!