Top 10 Advantages of Quartz Work Surfaces


When it comes to renovating homes or commercial properties, Quartz is one of the most popular materials out there as it comes with a huge list of benefits. Quartz slabs can be used for so many areas around the home, however it is very popular for being used on work surfaces.
Before you decide to purchase Quartz stone for a work surface in your home or property, here are some advantages that you should be aware of. Hopefully, this guide will help in your decision making.

#1 Lower Maintenance

Quartz is known for being incredibly low when it comes to maintenance and keeping it looking as good as the day you bought it. Quartz is actually one of the best stones that you can purchase if you are conscious of it being kept looking nice daily.
As Quartz has been engineered and man made, it has been designed with homeowners in mind from the very start. As Quartz has been made by us, it is a non-porous stone which means that it will never need any treatment or re-sealing at all, keeping it waterproof, stain and scratch resistant.

#2 Non-Porous

As we mentioned above, Quartz is a non-porous material, which means that it could not be any easier to keep clean. When you do your daily cleaning regime, all you need is to wipe over with a mild soap, warm water and rinse it off.
Furthermore, as it will never soak up any liquid this is perfect for being used in the kitchen or bathroom areas. Any spillages that occur will never soak beyond the surface, instead it will remain on top waiting to be washed away.

#3 Stain Resistant

With further thanks to its non-porous properties, it is also a stain resistant material. This means that when you spill anything such as red wine, it will never stain the surface. The liquid will stay on top of the surface resulting in minimal staining.

#4 Scratch Resistant

In addition to above, Quartz is also scratch resistant too which makes it absolutely superb for being used in the kitchen areas as a work surface. In the kitchen, you will never have to worry about slipping with the knife when you are prepping your meals as it is incredibly difficult to scratch the surface.

#5 Heat Resistant

Quartz can also be used within the bathroom areas too, as well as the kitchen, as it is excellent for being heat resistant. You do not have to worry anymore about accidentally leaving either hot pots and pans or hair straighteners on top of the surface. While we suggest and strongly recommend that you continue using heat pads where necessary, your work surface will be very difficult to mark.

#6 Budget Friendly

If you are searching for a budget friendly stone, then Quartz is perfect for you and your home (especially your wallet!). Quartz is not only cheap for the initial purchase, but it also will save you money in the long term too. Without all of those re-sealing costs to worry about, you are freeing up some extra cash just for you.

#7 Durable

Let’s face it, when we are searching for a material to use around the home we are looking for it to be sturdy and durable. No one wants a stone that is easily going to break for not last for many years. Whether you have a family home or live alone, Quartz is one fit for all. Quartz can be used in all high traffic areas and withstand high volumes of usage.

#8 Versatile

Quartz is so versatile that you never have to worry about not being able to do what you want with your home. Quartz gives you the freedom to place it wherever you wish, creating your ideal home. Whether you want to use it for your bathroom work surface, kitchen work surface or even flooring, you can do just that.

#9 Range of Colours & Patterns

Quartz is available in a huge range of colours and patterns, including Classic Range, Marble Range, Brillo Range, Leather Finish, Bookmatch Range so you will never be lost for getting what you have in mind. In fact, you are most likely to have the opposite problem – not being able to decide from all of the choice!

#10 Finishes

Very much like the colours, Quartz also has a few finished to choose from too. You are able to choose from Polished, Matte and Natural to give it a slightly different appearance.