Top 5 Silestone Worktops Colours for 2016

Quartz Silestone colours


Silestone Quartz worktops are made from 93% quartz and 7% polymer resins and dyes. One can argue that silestone quartz is just an engineered granite; and this can’t be very far from the truth. Silestone Quartz looks and feel like granite but gives more consistent and provides more solid colours for your kitchen countertops. By engineering quartz, Silestone achieves much more beautiful and elegant looking attributes than those found in natural stone. Silestone improves natural stone by giving it modern concrete colours and natural mirror flecks.


Silestone worktop colours, who are the best sellers of 2016?


Stellar Snow Silestone Quartz


Inarguably a best seller. Stellar snow has become a popular countertop colour and we attribute this to its modern look and feel. Home owners say that stellar snow is very attractive given its reflective crystals and glass appearance. This colour will bring a fresh look and natural feel to your kitchen. Our interior design experts attribute the popularity to the fact that Stellar Snow works well with all design elements. Given its bright nature, it can go well with a room that is not properly lit.


White storm (marble white) Silestone Quartz


If you are still a marble guy but you can’t help it having the sturdiness of quartz, then you are better off going for the White storm Silestone Quartz. Marble is very popular because of its solid colours. White marble is perhaps the most famous and widely used marble colour. The marble white silestone quartz mimics the looks and feels of true marble but brings the sturdiness and durability of quartz. When installed in your kitchen, it will bring a simple yet sophisticated (ironically) feel to your kitchen. Interior designers like this sophisticated white look of marble since it can get away with anything. Green cabinets? Not a problem.


Black Canyon Silestone Quartz


For home owners or designers who want to connect with nature, then this is not a bad place to start. Black Canyon silestone quartz brings a rich, natural earthy tone that never goes wrong with busy kitchens. The colour is a blend of black, grey, brown and tan. Our interior designer says that this colour goes perfectly well with most natural colours for floors and cabinets. If will blend well with timber floors and unpainted cabinets. It will also be forgiven for persons who are not keen to clean their kitchens regularly


Sienna Ridge Silestone Quartz


Sienna Ridge Silestone colours is perhaps on the most popular colour in business worktop designs. It combines a range of colours that include tan, grey and brown. Just like black canyon, Sienna Ridge Silestoen quartz brings an earthly atmosphere to your home or business premises. Our designers say that this colour is trendy and versatile in any setting it is applied. The variable colours that make up Sienna Ridge, allow you to use bold solid colour fittings and furniture. When installed in your kitc

hen, you can feel free to use bright colours for walls and cabinets.


Wildwood Silestone Quartz


Are you looking to have the perfect contemporary look? You should start here. Wildwood Silestone quartz contains a blend of grey, tan and charcoal under a backdrop of woodsy brown palette. The deep rich wood tones will look good in both an office setup and home setup.




Silestone Quartz countertops achieves the natural stone look but comes with the advantage of being non-porous and cutting down on maintenance. They are both durable and eye-catchy. They are made from ground quartz, polyester resins, recycled glass and pigments to give it the unique colours and texture.