5 Things You Didn’t Know About Classic Quartz Slabs

classic quartz slabsIf you’re shopping for Classic quartz slabs for your kitchen work surface, then there’s no denying that Classic quartz should be a choice right at the top of your shortlist. Yes, you have marble, granite, and wood choices there too, but granite is hugely popular for a reason.

Getting your decision correct is very important in terms of how long your work surface slab lasts for, and how easy it is to care for, as certain stones are less durable to wear and tear than others. You don’t tend to have that issue with Classic quartz however, as this is one of the most hard-wearing stone slabs out there.

If you don’t really know too much about Classic quartz slabs however, there are five things you might be surprised to learn.

Classic quartz is a naturally occurring stone

Quartz is a natural stone, therefore it is mined from the ground. The great thing about Classic quartz slab is that it is kept as natural as possible, containing 93% natural quartz content, and only 7% artificially added for resin and colour, to give you a fashionable choice and many options to go with. The 7% missing doesn’t affect the strength either, so no worries on that score.

Classic quartz is resistant to bacteria, thanks to its non-porous status

If a material is porous then it can easily absorb liquids, which eventually can turn to bacteria and germs. These germs stay within the work surface and harbour for a while, which means illness is possible as you prepare food on the surface etc. Now, Classic quartz is non-porous, which means it doesn’t absorb liquid or bacteria, doesn’t harbour germs, and therefore is a very hygienic choice to go for. If you have young children or elderly people in your household, this is an added bonus.

Classic quartz is heat resistant, so no worries about burns from hot pans

In a kitchen you are going to put a hot pan down on your work surface a fair amount, and it’s possible with other slab materials that this could cause a burn or mark from time to time – not with Classic quartz! No burns here, because the material is heat resistant. You could also use classic quartz as a bathroom counter, with no worries about hot hair styling tools. Obviously you shouldn’t take this to the extreme, and you should use heat protection mats wherever possible, but generally speaking, you won’t have worries with classic quartz slabs.

Classic quartz is available in a huge range of different colours and patterns

You might be surprised to see the huge range of choice on offer when it comes to colours and patterns available in classic quartz. We mentioned earlier that 7% resin is added to the 93% natural stone, and this can be anything from glittering black, to white, bright green, to latte or cappuccino!

Classic quartz is very low maintenance

Many other stone slabs require regular sealing, to ensure they stay strong and chip-proof, but Classic quartz only requires sealing once – at the initial installation; after that point you don’t need to worry about maintenance other than regular cleaning.

As you can see, Classic quartz slabs are a fantastic choice to go for when choosing your kitchen work surface, and these five facts certainly add weight to that argument.