Top 5 Popular Classic Quartz Marble Range Colours

Classic Quartz Marble RangeWhen you’re searching around for the best colour of slab for your new kitchen worktop, you have a huge range of choices in front of you. Do you go for black? Do you go for white? Do you go all out and choose something a little more kooky?

Basically, you need to come to a decision on a colour which will serve you well for a long time – it’s no good choosing a shade which is obscure, only to find it doesn’t go with the new shade you want on your kitchen walls, or your new kitchen cabinets when you come to redecorate in a couple of years’ time!

Your kitchen worktop should be seen as an investment, and when you choose you material, you need to give the same amount of consideration. Classic quartz and marble are both fantastic options to go for, each with their own set of strengths and a few weaknesses (this is life, after all!). See our marble range!!

If you have no idea in terms of colour however, let’s talk about five of the most popular options out there, and see if any of these fit with your ideas and vision for your new kitchen.

  • Alaska – The word along should spring up visions of white snow and icebergs, and that’s basically what this shade is! Having said that, it’s not a blinding white, it’s somewhere between beige and white, which means it is a little easier to maintain in terms of cleaning. The veins which run through the slab also add a spot of luxury to your choice.


  • Serengeti – This particular shade is a wonderful blend of charcoal and black, which ends up being a very subtle shade of dark grey. The various tones of darker shades running through the slab look wonderful against a black or cream/white kitchen cupboard, and you can really create a slightly more subtle version of the old monochrome design with this option.


  • Empire – This is certainly towards the ‘different’ end of the scale, but comes with the assurance that it will still go with whatever else you choose to redecorate your kitchen with in the future. This is a dark grey slab in the main, but it has long veins of a gold colours running through it – these are not too obvious but they give the slab a wonderful shimmer effect.


  • Santorini – This Classic white slab is a fantastic choice for a bright, clean looking kitchen with extra sparkle. The lighter shaded veins which run through it again give you a little extra pizzazz, and provided you keep up with your cleaning efforts, this white shade should not be avoided or edged away from!


  • Honey onyx – Again, this is a slightly different kind of colour to what you may be used to, but it is a fantastic option when you don’t want to go for white or black. This is a honey shaded cream colour, which is not at all yellow, but more a rich buttery colour. This looks fantastic with white or cream cupboards, and would fit in really well with a farmhouse kind of style to your kitchen.


Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go with any of these five colours, simply because they are popular, and there are countless other choices out there. The best advice is to search our range on Classic Quartz Stone to get some ideas, and then head to our showroom to see what they look like in person.