9 Reasons Why You Should Choose Classic Quartz

classic quartz worktopsClassic quartz is classic for a reason – it is a very fashionable and durable choice for your kitchen worktops, and that means major benefits for you. If you’re wondering whether you should go for marble, granite, or quartz, all natural stones you can choose from, then these following nine reasons should tell you why quartz is the one for you.

Quartz is available in a large range of colours

Quartz countertops are generally made of 93% quartz and the remaining 7% being resin to give it a different colour to how it was when it was excavated from the ground. This means you can choose between a huge range of different colours and patterns, with something to suit your décor no matter what it is.

Quartz is very hard and durable

This is a natural stone, mined from the earth, and that means it is very hard-wearing and will last for a long time. A durable kitchen countertop is needed for the wear and tear which this particular piece of equipment is bound to go through in the course of its life, and that means it is a cost effective choice as a result.

Quartz is non-porous, so no staining and heat resistant

There are various substances which are bound to attempt to stain your worktop, such as vinegar and wine, and that can mean you are left with an undesirable result. Now, the great thing about quartz is that it is non-porous and that means it doesn’t stain and it is heat resistant. You can therefore put a hot pan down on the worktop and it won’t matter, because there will be no mark left behind.

Quartz does not harbour bacteria

If you have children in the house, or someone who is prone to illness, then this particular work surface is ideal, because the non-porous feature means it doesn’t play host to bacteria and germs. A healthy and clean kitchen is needed to maintain a hygienic way of life.

Warranty is available if you purchase from a large company

You can choose to purchase your classic quartz slabs with installation from a large company, and that means you are given a warranty too. The length of the warranty depends on where you buy it from, because policies and procedures vary, but generally speaking, this is a good avenue to go down for peace of mind.

Less maintenance is needed with quartz

You don’t need to periodically seal classic quartz, unlike marble and granite, and that means less chance of something going wrong. Provided the slab is installed correctly and sealed at the time of installation, there is no need to do it again.

Cleaning quartz is very easy

Using gentle cleaning products (no bleach or abrasive liquids), with a non abrasive cloth, is all that is really needed to clean quartz properly. Mop up any spillages and clean any problem areas when they happen, e.g. when you have finished cooking, and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Quartz is a very attractive stone

This is a very glossy material from the get-go, and provided it is kept that way through regular cleaning and basically looking after it the right way, it will retain that glossy look throughout its lifespan.

No one stone is the same as another

Every stone has individual features, e.g. different line and veins running through it. That means that your neighbour will not have the same worktop as you!