How to Prevent Damage on Quartz Stone Work Surfaces – 8 Tips & Tricks


Quartz work surfaces are highly resistant to most mechanical loads, but they are not bulletproof. With proper maintenance and damage prevention, your quartz surfaces will last for decades. Those are simple tricks that you may not know about but will make your life a lot easier.

1. Keep spills under control

Quartz is highly resistant to stains and even if you spill something on it, it won’t get stained immediately. But if you let the spill dry for too long, it can leave a stain. With quartz, wiping off the spills is very effortless because it has a smooth surface, and you should do that at the earliest opportunity.

2. Use a cutting board

Although quartz is highly resistant to scratches, you should avoid direct contact with the sharp objects. In this way, not only that you will prevent scratching of your surfaces, but you will also prevent the dulling of your knives.

3. Use mats and trivets

Putting hot objects, like pans or pots, or flat irons in the bathroom, can break the fabricated quartz’s seal and lead to other damages. Protect your work surfaces just by placing mats and trivets underneath hot objects.

4. Avoid abrasive pads

Because quartz has a sleek surface, using a soft cloth will be enough to remove the spills. If you have a dried build up, you can remove it with a putty knife.

5. Avoid harsh cleaners

Cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia can damage quartz’s surface and you should avoid such cleaners. Instead, just use mild soap and water.

6. Avoid the high impact of force

Pay attention when carrying heavy objects around your countertops; although quartz is very durable, sudden impacts of force on the edges can chip them.

7. Occasionally do the deep cleaning

If you want your quartz work surfaces to shine brightly, you can use a glass cleaner from time to time. Just spray the cleaner on the surfaces, and wipe it off using circular motions.

8. Use a degreasing cleaner

Wiping away grease is best with degreasing cleaner that does not contain bleach. Just spray the cleaner of the spot, and wipe it off with a damped cloth. You can follow up with regular cleaning, with soap and a soft cloth.

Following these simple rules will make sure that your quartz surfaces last for decades. Quartz is a material that does not require a lot of maintenance, but knowing these tips will help you deal with everyday problems easily.

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