5 Beautiful Porcelain Slab Colours for Worktops

5 Beautiful Porcelain Slab Colours for Worktops

Our stunning porcelain slabs have been made in Spain from 100% natural raw materials. Our product material has been chosen because it is incredibly easy to cut and handle, making it ideal for fitting and preparing for kitchen worktops as well as tables and cupboards around the home.
Our porcelain slabs come with scratch resistance, stain resistance as well as being waterproof for those everyday spills that occur within the kitchen and food preparation areas. The slabs are also resistant to UV rays and incredibly tough meaning impacts are less likely to damage the surface, making it last much longer. It is also great for being an antibacterial surface for preparing food.
If you are considering using our porcelain slabs for your kitchen worktop material, then this guide on 5 of our gorgeous porcelain slab colours should help you within your selection process.

Calacata – Matte Finish

This stunning white porcelain slab has been finished with grey marble effect markings throughout and is also available in a polished finish.
This colour would make the perfect addition to both small and large kitchens alike, offering a fresh and clean look to your home.

Basic Blanco – Polished Finish

This plain white porcelain slab is also available in a matte finish for those who are not looking for that polished look. What makes this particular slab great is that it is totally adaptable for any kitchen. Regardless of your style and personality, this slab will go beautifully within your home as it will match absolutely any shade, colour or pattern that you currently have or will have in the future.
Not only is it a great choice now but it is an investment piece as there will be no need to change worktop colours if you ever decide to change the colour theme.

Lava Iron – Natural Finish

This dark grey porcelain slab colour would make an absolutely gorgeous worktop for any kitchen, small or large. Rather than being a single block grey, there are patterns of darker and lighter greys throughout the slab, making it much more interesting to the eye.
Like all of our porcelain colours, this slab once again will match any of your existing ornaments, decorations and theme that you have, so there is no need to change anything you don’t want to.

Basic Negro – Matte Finish

For those who prefer a much more simple and minimalist design, this slab colour would be perfect for your kitchen worktop surfaces. It comes in a matte finish and offers a single block black colour, which will never go out of fashion or style. If you are wanting a worktop that will never go out of trend, this is the one.

Blue Stone – Natural Finish

This beautiful slab colour offers a similar appearance to Granite, which is extremely popular within homes across the world. If you are looking for something with a bit of a pattern, then this is your ideal slab to choose. The closer you get to this stunning slab colour, the more detail it reveals as you discover the freckles and small marks throughout the slab.